5 Pro Tips to Enhance your Web Presence through Instagram Marketing

Is there any strategy in your marketing plan to use Instagram? Do you want to make the most of this photo-sharing app for the betterment of your business? Instagram is not just a photo-sharing, fun app. It is the social media app that can be helpful to promote your services or products, generate conversations and get more leads.

  1. Add a Link to Your Profile

Your profile is the only place where you can make efforts to place a clickable link on Instagram. If you are looking forward to seeing any success with this platform, you need to use this link in a proper way. You can easily change the URL as much as you want. Website URL is one of the important things to link. It can be your product page, your blog page, a landing page, page to generate leads or any page on your site.

  1. Show What You’ve got

Speak your business story with videos and images. Put your services and products in focus to connect with the audience. On a courier, an image of necklace may not convey the same feeling as the original picture of someone wearing the same with style attire. Get the person on an environment like in a park, party or with family. Suppose your buyers share photos with products, you may share them as UGC (User Generated Content). With an app, you can give the user credit and show your public how others are enjoying your product.

  1. Add Call to Action in Captions

Enhance your post with a caption and convey a simple message to the public. Under each post, the post caption is known to be the first comment which you can choose. No matter how many comments are added, you can always get original caption complete and visible. The valuable space should never be left empty and it needs to be as self-explanatory as possible to complete your message. Make sure not to repeat what the picture has to say. All you need to enhance it. Add a call to action on your caption in order to drive traffic. Engage your audience with a call to action on your post caption. Be sure to have a clear call to action which is also valuable to the followers.

  1. Text Overlays

Putting the Text Overlay to the images is yet another amazing way to add spice to your photos. No matter you are promoting the sale, sharing tips or branding a picture, it ensures that your public won’t miss out your message. You may use tools like PowerPoint or Photoshop to make text overlays on images before uploading them to Instagram. List the options for product, price, promote an event, and inform a limited-period offer or sale in text overlay.

  1. Use Hashtags

In order to make the ideal use of comments and post captions, consider adding some relevant hashtags on your posts. This way, you can improve your reach, visibility, and user engagement. Add hashtags relevant to your posts, business, and your audience. Use hashtags which are popular to get the popular search. Use around 8-10 hashtags in each post. One can use around 30 hashtags in a post. But it rarely needed to overdo it. Have a blend of most popular hashtags with thousands of images, some less popular ones with thousands of images or least popular with less than 1000 images.  This way, it ensures that you can easily access popular searches and stay relevant for up to few minutes while looking for popular hashtags. Save some most widely used hashtags on your PC so you can copy-paste to the posts all the time.