5 Ways You Can Make the Most of Instagram as Online Marketer

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Have you ever noticed how marketers use images in social media? Want to know how you can use photo-sharing site Instagram for your business? Let’s discuss why you should use Instagram first…Why Instagram Must Be Your First Choice?

Over the past couple of years, Instagram has always been the first choice of companies which are skyrocketing now. Millions of users are in Instagram and the site gave the best opportunity to grow their brands and get quick exposure to target audience through photos and messages. In the beginning, Instagram was nothing but a photo-sharing app to post photos with fans and the marketing value was almost none. In the past few years, Instagram has been proved as a great platform for the marketers to access new target audience with short messages and visuals. So, Instagram has become the important part of every marketing strategy.

Here’s how to attain your marketing goals with this underrated yet amazing platform.

  1. Use Profiles to Reach Audience

For Instagram, users have always waited a long time to get a great online presence with a mobile app. Although Instagram is available on both iPhone and Android devices, there are lots of people want to access it on the web. On November 2012, marketers found a new opportunity to market on various devices with the introduction of Instagram profiles.

  1. Create User Engagement

Instagram has been enjoying great popularity when it comes to photo contests. You can ask your followers to use a specific hashtag to join the contest and ask them to tag their photos. You can easily search with pictures, ask others to vote for the photos they like the most and choose a winner. A great example of it is Sony which introduced photo contests in a few campaigns. After the successful attempt with #SonyX picture contest, they chose to give a try to #Sonylove.

  1. Use Promo Codes to Reward Followers

When it comes to posting pictures, you need to think about something that can grab the eyes of your audience and get them come back to you by expecting more. This way, you can reward them for reading the descriptions of your pictures. You can introduce a contest which includes promo codes and discounts. A great example of it is a women’s clothing store, TopShop which has around 473,000 followers on Instagram. They post pictures of their accessories, clothes and shoppers frequently. They have enhanced user engagement with promo codes in some posts. This way, their follower count is always increasing. Their likes and comments also reach thousands in numbers.

  1. Post Photos of Your Buyers

There is nothing that can beat the pleasure to see a friendly face when it comes to looking at a page of a company. Your customers are the greatest brand ambassadors and they can easily tell the story of the company as someone who is just like others. With thousands of reviews coming from outside sources, about your services or products, it is wise to add some reviews of your customers. Take a picture of your shoppers and present a sneak peek about the experience with your brand.

  1. Get More Attention on Events

A trade show or event is well planned to attract your audience and inform them about your services and products and turn them into buyers. With the help of Instagram, you can give a visual to your attendees about the location of the event. You can get the attendees follow a hashtag of most conferences on Instagram and Twitter. You can also show what’s going on, whether in characters or visuals.